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Automotive Tinting

Storefront Tinting

  • Promote Business Brand
  • Lower Cooling Costs
  • Attract New Customers
  • Creative Custom Designs
  • Increase Consistent Comfort
  • Reduce Unwanted Glare
  • Block 99.9% of UV Rays
  • Stop Interiors from Fading
  • Protect Skin from UV Damage
  • Long Lasting Graphics
  • Applied to Any Glass Surface

Does YOUR Storefront Glass Make a Visual Impact?

Most businesses have a built-in marketing engine that is so obvious for promoting brand awareness and attracting new customers, they often miss it.

Their storefront glass!

That’s right! Whether you have a service business, a high-end retail boutique, or a sandwich shop, your storefront glass can make a powerful first impression with dynamic curb appeal and visibility.

Adding custom vinyl letters and graphics to your glass and doors is an awesome expression of what makes your business special and serves as a convincing invitation for new customers.

Whether advertising your products, a specialized niche, or simply adding eye-catching curb appeal, much like a picture our storefront solutions are worth a thousand words.

Besides streamlining graphics to increase foot traffic, we also optimize your storefront glass to benefit the environment INSIDE your business. Our storefront window film applications add additional benefits:

  • Keeps indoor temperatures comfortably consistent.
  • Enhances the operational efficiency of your HVAC system.
  • Reduces monthly cooling costs.
  • Block 99.9% of UV rays to preserve product displays and furnishings.
  • Eliminates eye-straining glare for customers and employees.
  • Adds the level of privacy that you wish to have.
  • Forms a shield that helps hold glass shards intact when glass breaks.
  • Deters “smash and grab” incidents.
  • Beautifies the look of plain glass to enhance the appearance of your business.

The Woodfield Art Gallery in St. Petersburg needed window film to protect their fine artwork from damaging UV rays. But not at the risk of obscuring their beautiful displays with dark film.

Kozuba and Son’s Distillery and The Granite Place needed dire improvements inside. Tired of battling UV rays damaging inventory and the sun’s relentless heat, our window film technology delivered UV protection and consistent comfort. With the window film’s additional benefits, the approach to both buildings was transformed from looking ordinary to extraordinary with a sleek, uniform appearance. 

Discover all the options that High Impact Glass Solutions offers. Whether it’s advertising, a top-performing environment, aesthetic enhancement…. or all three, our window film specialists and design team are just a phone call away!

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