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Automotive Tinting

LLumar Air Blue 80
Window Film

  • Good heat rejection
  • Superior UV Rejection
  • Reduce fading
  • Help increase privacy

Ultimate UV Ray Protection

Even if your side windows are tinted, you’re still missing an important level of protection from the sun: the front windshield. LLumar Air Blue 80 is a non-metalized, non-conductive ceramic technology film with 43% heat rejection, maximum ultra-violet rejection, excellent optical clarity, and scratch- and corrosion-resistant properties.

Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation

Llumar window film products are backed by the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation is granted to sun protection products that have been reviewed by and meet the specific criteria of an independent Photobiology Committee. At Absolute Perfection, we only use the highest quality products.

The Seal of Recommendation is a symbol of safe and effective sun protection that is recognized by consumers worldwide. Fight the battle against skin cancer and get your windows tinted today!





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